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Home Integration Services

SECS/GEM Automation, PLC/OPC conversion, Basic Training

Factory Automation with SECS/GEM based Tools

We provide equipment integration service to link your shop floor systems like MES, APC, SPC, Recipe Server to each of the process or assembly equipment from various vendors.

But what makes us different? We have in-house solution SecsToTool.Net (SECS/GEM driver for Host) and customizable Cell Controller framework to suit your requirements to help you realize:

  • Data Collection for OEE and Equipment Performance tracking
  • Process data automation with SPC
  • Recipe or Process Program Management which enables download/upload of recipe to a centralized repository
  • Wafer Mapping Management which enables ink-less process within your factory.
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Lot Management with MES
  • And many more.

Contact us to discuss more about your requirements.

OPC or PLC to SECS/GEM Interface

More and more PLC-based equipment are turning to SECS/GEM in order to provide a higher flexibility of automation. We help you develop an "OPC/PLC to SECS/GEM conversion interface" which run at the background to map your PLC-tags to SECS/GEM services.

Contact us to discuss more about your requirements.

Basic SECS/GEM Training

INSPHERE TECHNOLOGY also offers SECS/GEM Training to its customer to help them speed up their development process which cover the following standards:

  • SECS-I (SEMI E4)
  • HSMS (SEMI E37)
  • GEM (SEMI E30)