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Adding SECS/GEM to your Equipment Software

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Adding SECS/GEM capabilities into your equipment controller doesn't need to be complicated. With SecsToHost.Net, it simply means 3 easy steps (with minimum coding) to accomplish it with less than an hour!

Contact us to download the SecsToHost.Net - SECS/GEM for Equipment SDK.

SecsToHost.Net can be integrated into your equipment program written in either of the followings:

  • Visual Basic 6.0 (COM)

  • Visual C++

  • Visual C# or any .NET languages

  • National Instruments LabVIEW.

Step 1 - Adding SecsToHost.Net DLL into your project

Add the following DLL into your existing/new equipment software and import its corresponding namespaces:

Step 2 - Initialise GEMController object

When you install the SDK, it comes with a default EquipmentTemplate.xml (a tool model file) that consists of the standard SVID, ECID, DVID and CEID. This is a good baseline for you to build your equipment software requirements.

Step 3 - Compile, Run and Connect with your Host or simulator

Once you compiled the sample codes above and run your application, your equipment would be able to connect with Host.

Most of the SECS/GEM messages are automated and the response are handled within the driver. The following are some of the example:

  • S1F1/F2

  • S1F3/F4

  • S1F11/F12

  • S1F21/F22

  • S1F23/F24

  • S2F33/F34

  • S2F35/F36

  • etc

Watch this video to discover how easy to integrate SECS/GEM functionalities into your equipment software instantly developed with Visual C#.NET.

After watching the video, you can continue to enhance your SECS/GEM program by adding more functionalities such as:

  • Define additional status variables, equipment constants, data variables, collection events and alarms

  • Handle Remote Command from Hosts

  • Handle Recipe Management or Process Program upload/download

  • Terminal services

  • etc

The SDK provides a very comprehensive sample codes that demonstrate how to implement the above functionalities.

SecsToHost.Net is fully compliant with SEMI E37, E5 and E30. It can also be easily extended to support GEM300 requirements such as E39, E40, E87, E90 and E94.

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