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About Insphere Technology

Insphere Technology was founded in 2010 with headquarter in Singapore to provide alternative SECS/GEM connectivity solution for Semiconductor industries. Back then, all the connectivity solutions in the market are either very difficult to use and expensive. Hence, all our solutions are designed with these 3 guiding principals:

  • SIMPLICITY - intuitive, easy to use and no training required.

  • USABILITY - highly configurable and minimal coding

  • EFFICIENCY - highly automated.

Insphere's connectivity products are reliable, cost effective and used around the world in enabling equipment manufacturer and factory to move towards Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Corporate Missions

At Insphere, our mission is to enable factory CONNECT THE UNCONNECTED and pave the way towards Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0  

We believe that every equipment in the factory can be connected and data can be made available to increase productivity, reducing costs and human errors and ultimately improving quality. 


Our customers value their alliance with us because of our product reliability, simplicity, expertise and professional support.  

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