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SECS/GEM for LEGACY Equipment

Unified SECS/GEM interface for Legacy Machines

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Challenges in the current Manufacturing

Currently, there are more than 85% of all installed machines are not connected, being unable to share information with its internal host controller or MES system. This may be caused by various reasons such as: machine has reach its end of life, cost of upgrade is HIGH or machine vendor is no longer exists.  

Such distributed information, however is fundamental in establishing a smart manufacturing environment. Even so, it is rarely practical for factory operators to replace the legacy machines (just because they cannot connect to factory host), with such measures representing tremendous capital outlay. 

But why replace your current asset just because they cannot communicate? Read on to our latest product for the solution to your factory!

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Solution Overview

SecsToDEX.Net is a revolutionary and intelligent system that transform your existing legacy machine into a "smart machine" that is capable of interfacing with your factory host seamlessly via SECS/GEM, RESTFul, WebService, etc.

With its built-in frame grabber and OCR engine, the device can perform data collection and even perform automation such as machine start/stop, lot start, auto loading of recipe and validation. This opens up endless possibility for your factory to automate these machines seamlessly to improve process, reduce human errors and increase productivity.  

This product is very suitable for the brown field equipments where the asset owner wish to renew or retrofit their existing machine without the need to install additional program.

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Features Highlight

SecsToDEX Features

All PC has Display Port. One solution for all types of machines

Scalable & Universal
Machine O/S Independent

Support any O/S

DOS, Solaris, Linux, Win 3.11, etc

Safe & Reliable

Non Intrusive Methodology

Display output is safe

No additional programs/sensors on machine

Realtime Information

Display content (HMI) shows realtime data 

 Detect alarms, errors on screen

   Detect machine anomaly status



Factory owners don't need to discard existing assets. By enabling communication on legacy machines, it can be transformed to be Industry 4.0 ready machine!

SECS/GEM Interface

Enable data collection and automation on Legacy Machines.



Supported SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - GEM

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