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Our Services

Do you need to integrate SECS/GEM interface into your equipment controller software but lack the necessary skills or time to do so? We can automate any type of semiconductor tool, freeing your team to focus on your core technologies that add real competitive value.

Here are some examples of our previous projects:


  • Integration of SECS/GEM with other communication protocols, such as OPC UA, Modbus or EtherCAT.

  • Create a custom GEM300 gateway solution for Beckhoff PLC that incorporates the entire range of 300mm operational scenarios, from carrier management to control/process job handling.

  • SECS/GEM outsourcing : handle the implementation, customisation and maintenance of SECS/GEM interfaces for equipment controllers. This may involve tasks such as host requirement and specification, developing software, integrating hardware, testing and validation and providing ongoing support. Outsourcing SECS/GEM can help your companies save time and resources, as well as access specialised expertise in this area.

We provide comprehensive equipment integration (EI) services through SECS/GEM including tool characterization, EI baseline design, EI development, and station controller development.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • PLC integration: Integration of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with other equipment and systems in the factory to automate and control manufacturing processes.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Develop custom host interface to collect data from the equipment and perform analysis on the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

  • Integration to Recipe Management System (RMS) for upload and download of process program.

  • Integration to MES and SPC.

Legacy Tool Automation

Enabling communication on older equipment or tools can be a challenging task, especially if the equipment manufacturer is no longer available or providing support for that particular equipment model.


Over the years our company has extensive experience in enabling SECS/GEM interfaces on legacy machines through our innovative solution called SecsToDEX, which has helped us to overcome these challenges.

This solution can be implemented for data collection and remote control as long as your equipment has a VGA port and USB/PS2 port to support input devices such as a keyboard and mouse.

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