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Simplifying the integration of SECS/GEM into your equipment

Solution Overview

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SecsToHost.Net is fast, reliable and user-friendly software solution, enabling semiconductor equipment manufacturers in seamlessly incorporating SEMI SECS/GEM standards into their equipment and devices. 

  • Data Collection: sending equipment data, machine statuses to the Host.

  • Event Notification: sending event, trigger or alert to notify the Host.

  • Alarm Notification: sending alarm occurrence or clearance as and when it happens. 

  • Remote Command: let host send START, STOP, PP-SELECT command remotely to facilitate automation.

  • Process Program: download/upload two-way recipe to the Host.

  • Many more: Terminal Service, Equipment Constant, Spooling, Wafer Mapping, etc.​​

Supported Industry SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E4 - RS232 (Serial Port)

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS (TCP/IP)

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - Generic Equipment Model (GEM)

  • SEMI E122 - Specification for Tester Equipment Specific Equipment Model (TSEM)


Technical Integration

  • SecsToHost.Net can be integrated to your equipment controller software easily through programming languages such as: .NET Framework, .NET CORE, Visual C++, Visual Basic or National Instrument LabVIEW. 

  • Run on Windows, IOT and Linux Operating systems or EDGE devices. 

  • GEMStation (included in the SDK) is an open-sourced application design to give your developer a head start in implementing a range of GEM features.

  • The SDK includes a SECS/GEM simulator, allowing you to conduct testing scenarios and facilitate message exchanges between equipment and host.

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Generate GEM Manual Automatically

See it to believe! With Model Builder, you have the ability to generate a comprehensive equipment Reference Manual that meets SEMI standards.

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