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SECS/GEM Gateway to PLC

Unified SECS/GEM interface for PLC Controller

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For many years, manufacturing and OEMs around the world have been struggling to find a common interface to connect their PLC based equipments to SECS/GEM factory Host systems for data collection and automation. This process is tedious as different PLC has its own communication protocols.


Today with most PLC manufacturer support OPC UA protocol out of the box, SecsToPLC.Net will be the gateway to bridge and translate SECS/GEM to PLC and vice versa.   

Device tags creation and mapping to SECS/GEM services are done purely with configuration, making your PLC controller GEM-compliant has never been faster or easier. 

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Supported SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - GEM


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