SECS/GEM Gateway to PLC

Unified SECS/GEM interface for PLC Controller


For many years, manufacturing and OEMs around the world have been struggling to find a common interface to connect their PLC based equipments to SECS/GEM factory Host systems for data collection and automation. This process is tedious as different PLC has its own communication protocols. 


SecsToPLC.Net integrates with Kepware's KEPServerEX to provide a seamless and unified gateway that connect all the different types of PLC Controller, MODBUS and SCADA/HMI to a single SECS/GEM communication channel. 

Device tags creation and mapping to SECS/GEM services are done purely with configuration, making your PLC controller GEM-compliant has never been faster or easier. 


Device Connectivity

  • Support more than 150 types of PLC drivers. Top hardware vendors like Omron, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi, GE and many more.

  • Connect legacy and modern sensors through Modbus.

  • Connect to any SCADA or HMI systems that support OPC-UA protocol.


Supported SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - GEM