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SECS/GEM Software Solution for 300mm Tools

Solution Overview

Equipment Manufacturers use the STHGEM300 SDK to implement SEMI GEM300 compliant standards – E39, E40, E87, E90 and E94 – that are required for 300mm wafer processing equipment. 

Semiconductor factories require all 300mm tools to comply with these industry standards, as well as factory-specific scenarios. 

STHGEM300 is built on our flagship product SecsToHost.Net, a software SDK for implementing SEMI SECS/GEM E4, E5, E30 and E37. The .NET libraries can be easily integrated into your equipment controller software. 

Additional Resources

  • SEMI E4 - RS232

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - GEM

  • SEMI E39 - Object Services

  • SEMI E87 - Carrier Management

  • SEMI E90 - Substrate Tracking

  • SEMI E40 - Process Job Management

  • SEMI E94 - Control Job Management

  • SEMI E116 - Equipment Performance Tracking (future release)

Supported SEMI Standards

Features Highlight


Easy Modelling of GEM300 Objects

The Model Builder is a configuration utility that allows you easily model the GEM300 objects such as multiple loadports, process modules/chambers, concurrent jobs that automatically generate the relevant SVIDs, ECIDs, DVIDs and CEIDs.



GEM300 Manual

On top of modelling of the GEM300 objects made easy for you, our solution will generate the full documentation that cover standards such as GEM E30, SEMI E87, E90, E40 and E94. The generated document is in WORD format, hence you can further enhance it to include your specific contents.


Easy to use API

STHGEM300 APIs are carefully designed to simplify the complex 300mm manufacturing processes. These APIs are compliant with international SEMATECH and SELETE operational scenarios. 


Highly Automated & Seamless Integration

Our focus is to help you get your equipment to market quickly while reducing the development cost. Hence all the complex processes, state machine transitions, interdependencies between the standards are automated and seamless to your application.

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