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SECS/GEM Controller for Factory Host

Solution Overview

SecsToTool.Net Factory Manager is a Host or Cell Controller framework for semiconductor factories to connect factory host systems to GEM (SEMI E4/E5/E30/E37) compliant equipment, enabling equipment communication, data collection and control in the shortest time-to-market. 


The solution is designed on the concept of CONFIGURE-DEPLOY-RUN that is highly automated, efficient to implement and fast to deploy.


SecsToTool.Net Factory Manager supports multiple instances that connect equipments and comes with many native handlers to save data output automatically to CSV files or database servers (such as: MS SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle) without writing a single line of code.

SECS/GEM Host Controller

Features Highlight


Fully Compliant with SEMI Standards


Support Custom Codes


Flexible & Easy Configuration 


Support Async SendAndWait


Fast Deployment and Support Multiple Instances


Save Data Collection to SQL Database


Supported SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E4 - SECS-I (RS232)

  • SEMI E37 - HSMS

  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II Message Specification

  • SEMI E30 - GEM

Flexible & Easy Configuration with Model Builder

SECSGEM Configuration Editor.png

Model Builder is a configuration utility that comes with the SDK to create a tool model that represent a single tool or equipment. It is easy to configure for any tool type, giving you the flexibility and full control over how equipment is controlled and how data collection is managed. (i.e.: saved to CSV files or Database server). This empower the developer to focus on processing/mining the data and other business logics.

Model Builder also comes with a sophisticated feature to automatically discover events, variables, alarms and data item format information directly from the equipment. This simplifies the manual process of configuring the tool model to define variables, reports, gather data and monitor the equipment.

Auto Discovery SECSGEM.png

Fast Deployment & Support Multiple Instances

Admin Panel.png

Deployment new instance is made easy with a simply click of button using Admin Panel. Once deployed, the equipment instance will run in the background as windows service and automatically attempt to establish communication with the equipment.

The Admin Panel also allows multiple instances to be deployed in a single server. You can also use this utility to monitor the data changes happened in the background between the host and equipment.


Log Data Collection into SQL Database

Saving data collection through collection events (S6F11), trace reports (S6F1) or alarms (S5F1) has never been easy.


With the built-in capability to save data directly to database such MS SQL or MySQL is just a few configurations and clicks away.


Plug-in Framework for User Defined Business Rules

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With SecsToTool.Net Factory Manager, most tasks such as initialisation, data collection (collection events, trace reports, alarms, etc), export data out to CSV or database server are automatically handled in the background with you write a single line of codes.


However, in some cases where you need to handle certain requirement for a particular equipment, writing your own custom codes will be very useful. SecsToTool.Net Factory Manager framework provides a very flexible and easy way for you to attach your custom codes as a plugin. 

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